JB Marketing & Development

About Us

JB Marketing & Development is an independent consulting firm based in Spain specialized in marketing strategy, branding and market research. Due to our vast experience in the real estate and financial market our operations also include real estate and financial estate planning and consultancy. JB Marketing & Development provides comprehensive consultancy services through carefully administered solutions tailored to each client’s individual needs.
As independent consultants, JB Marketing & Development enhances the traditional business processes by sourcing, evaluating and selecting the most suitable solution available at the moment, for and with our clients. JB Marketing & Development is committed to placing our clients’ interests first and we are focused on building long lasting relationships based upon trust and expertise.

Client Services

At JB Marketing & Development, our mission is to help our clients to achieve and overshoot the goals set. We encourage forward thinking and a holistic approach, focusing on diversification and valuing the individual identity of our clients instead of following trends. JB Marketing & Development offers consultancy services and within each area of our expertise, we create a unique set of solutions for each client.


JB Marketing & Development is determined to help our clients succeed through tailor made marketing related consultancy. We do this through a methodical approach to the marketing strategy, market research and related relevant matters such as social media and branding.


Due to our vast network and expertise, JB Marketing & Development is the right partner whether it is related to developing new concepts and business models, or to international real estate, financial estate planning and consultancy.


JB Marketing & Development works together with a number of large international consultancy firms to provide custom made solutions for our clients based on their specific individual needs. Besides those large institutions we constantly explore the market for smaller companies with fresh and inventive ideas which can be an addition to our clients’ existing or new business.

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